So very recently I decided to add some more ink to my body. The only difference these new additions have from the others is that they are on my thumbs. So they’re completely open to the world. My mother and father both have quite a few tattoos themselves, but both are also against face, neck and finger tattoos. All my life I have been the best possible son, the best student I could be, never judge someone by their appearance and do the best I can in life. I’m not a drug addict, I’m not an alcoholic, I’m not in a gang and nor do I want to be.

I just refuse to be invisible!

My parents have both said always be myself. So why when I think of telling them about my two new tattoos, I feel that I am about to be disowned for being the son that they have raised me to be?



IMG_1704 David McDiarmid’s “Toxic Queen” is currently located at Neon Parc gallery in Melbourne, Australia. I recently visited this incredible installation and I have to say it brought up a bit of an emotional response from myself, as a young gay man in today’s society to see such raw title’s over the existing media made me question if this is how I’m seen and how I will be seen after I’m gone. It scares me that I could potentially die and later been known as just another “faggot” who’s being a drama queen.




Dukovic carries a point-and-shoot at all times and he enjoys photographing on film for the pace and rhythm dictated by the change of each roll. This image is a beautiful example of bold and brash colours conflicting with each. I truly love how Dukovic can force his photos to clash with one another.