“The Sound of Decay”


IMG_4735 (1)

One of the last ever pieces I finished in high school was a small set up I called “The Sound of Decay”, the name was a small homage to The Sound of Music. It involves two pieces of rooting wood (I later found out was at least 100 years old) with nine second hand vinyl disks nailed through the pin hole to the wood to allow complete rotation. Each vinyl had a unique design, when spun each design would create a different optical illusion. The ¬†core concept was a statement on the music industry today on top of the old industry and how today’s main stream music scene is a complete illusion that doesn’t focus on music, but profit.

“Miss Jones”



So far my fascination Pop Art style silk screening is going amazingly well considering recently I finished my first series. I am absolutely obsessed with the whole imagery of women of the 80’s and 90’s, case in point the four finals of my Grace Jones silhouettes. I think using bold colours schemes and stencils will really bring out that strong image of the working class woman.