There is just something about the underground club kid era that draws me in with works from John Waters using the disgusting Divine in his most well known works. Its just something about the dirty gritty side of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that draws me in.

Robert Mapplethorpe



Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs have a massive influence on my work that involves a figure or gesture. His work is very raw, showing the hidden underground of the New York club kid scene in the 80’s. Such straight forward images is something I would love to experiment with.



IMG_1704 David McDiarmid’s “Toxic Queen” is currently located at Neon Parc gallery in Melbourne, Australia. I recently visited this incredible installation and I have to say it brought up a bit of an emotional response from myself, as a young gay man in today’s society to see such raw title’s over the existing media made me question if this is how I’m seen and how I will be seen after I’m gone. It scares me that I could potentially die and later been known as just another “faggot” who’s being a drama queen.