Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality is by far the most questionable topic of the modern technological age. A mix of virtuality and reality to be more specific it is a mix of augmented reality and virtual reality. Microsoft HoloLens is a perfect example of mixed reality, wherein a user can navigate through real world with a use of virtual objects and real life notions such as depth is used on the virtual objects for better experience.

Thanks to specialized software and sensors, the experience becomes your reality, filling your vision; at the high end, this is often accompanied by 3D audio that feels like a personal surround sound system on your head, or controllers that let you reach out and interact with this artificial world in an intuitive way.

Whether its Augmented, Virtual or Mixed Reality it seems that its moving at such an advanced speed and making so much progress in the last few years alone, that it will most definitely be effecting our daily lives very soon.





In this modern age of technology dating via online or phone apps is all the hype. I’m totally all for this, the age of technology right now has made this generation so connected in so many ways, but there is also the level of being appropriate that is also required. Such dating apps as Grindr, which is intended for the use of gay men wanting to meet other gay men. That WAS the intended use. Today it is basically just an easy way to meet up and have a quick screw, which in return spreads the stigma that gay men are basically just walking slutty sex machines.




So very recently I decided to add some more ink to my body. The only difference these new additions have from the others is that they are on my thumbs. So they’re completely open to the world. My mother and father both have quite a few tattoos themselves, but both are also against face, neck and finger tattoos. All my life I have been the best possible son, the best student I could be, never judge someone by their appearance and do the best I can in life. I’m not a drug addict, I’m not an alcoholic, I’m not in a gang and nor do I want to be.

I just refuse to be invisible!

My parents have both said always be myself. So why when I think of telling them about my two new tattoos, I feel that I am about to be disowned for being the son that they have raised me to be?